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Paying Your Writerly Dues

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On October 2, 2021, Kasie and Rex talked about being alone at book signings and having to suck-it-up as an early-career author.

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Paying Your Writerly Dues


My mom joined me at M Judson Books in Greenville back on September 12th. Four people bought books, two bought shot glasses and one got a wine glass, too. Then last week’s library event, two publishers of an online magazine and the librarian attended. I sold six books, a wine glass and a shot glass. At the neighborhood event my friends threw, two people came by and bought four books. Then I signed another half dozen that had been purchased by people who couldn’t attend.

So, overall, three events sold 20 books. Because COVID shut down my After December promotional calendar, these events were my first ever.

Is it usual to sit, lonely, waiting for people to stop and ask about your work? What are author events? What should you expect? How should you prepare?