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More Writing “How to” that we may or may not believe

Episode Summary

On January 29, 2022, Kasie and Rex finished up the “How to Write” topic with these new resources.

Episode Notes

Full show notes out on the blog here.

In entrepreneurship, we encourage founders to tell their stories so we can see all the millions of ways people come into ownership and no two stories are the same. And writing is the same. Everyone does their thing differently and so hearing a bunch of stories is a great way to stay encouraged.

That said, I found this awesome Joanna Penn blog with some “what I’ve learned” and thought we could riff on that. These are things she’s learned from being an authorprenuer for a decade and I think they’re relevant to those mid-stride authors like us and maybe even a little surprising and encouraging.

  1. When you get bored or things feel a little stale, hang on a bit longer. Things will change, and you will, too.
  2. You can keep a mature author business going with just a few consistent actions.
    1. Writing books
    2. Podcasting
    3. Email marketing (grow your list!)
    4. Other things?
  3. You don’t have to grow your business.
    1. Some projects are meaningful even if they’re not profitable
    2. Some projects are FUN and this work should be fun