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Doing Murder More Than Once

Episode Summary

Continuing the October Spooktacular, we take on Serial Killers and really, murderers of any kind.

Episode Notes

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Theme for the day

Scary Series: Serial Killers


I’m reading You right now which is a thriller about a stalker / serial killer that was made into a Netflix series. It’s crazy good. The narrator is so compelling I’m having a hard time putting it down. And the violence is so matter-of-fact and seemingly the next-logical-step that you don’t even have time to anticipate or dread it.

Thing is, I (Kasie) don’t know anything about how to do this. And Rex had done it before, so this might be a “how to” and it might be a general explanation of why a writer would take this on.

I googled “Writing Serial Killers” and found this awesome article. So let’s start there. Essential elements: